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2 MW Gas Generator Acoustic Enclosure
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What is Acoustic Enclosure

An acoustic enclosure, also known as a sound enclosure or soundproof enclosure, is a structure designed to reduce or control sound transmission. It is typically used to isolate noisy equipment like Air compressors, Glass crusher machines, Blowers acoustic enclosure, Turbines acoustic enclosure, DG sets, or activities from their surrounding environment or to create a controlled acoustic environment for specific purposes.

The primary function of an acoustic enclosure in India is to prevent sound from escaping or entering the enclosed space. It is constructed with sound-absorbing materials and sound-blocking barriers to minimize sound transmission. The enclosure may have walls, floors, and ceilings made of heavy-duty panels, composite materials, or specially designed-soundproofing materials. These materials help absorb and dampen sound waves, reducing their intensity and preventing them from passing through the enclosure. Ecotone is leading acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India. Get customized solutions.

Where can it be used?

Acoustic enclosures are commonly used in various industrial settings, such as power plants, factories, and manufacturing facilities, where loud machinery or equipment is present. They are also utilized in recording studios, broadcast facilities, and theaters to create a controlled acoustic environment for sound recording or performances. Additionally, they can be employed in residential or commercial buildings to minimize noise from external sources, such as traffic or construction.

The design and construction of an acoustic enclosure depends on factors such as the desired level of noise reduction, the frequency range of the noise, and the application’s specific requirements. Proper ventilation and access points are also essential considerations to ensure the enclosed space remains functional while effectively controlling sound.

How Acoustic Enclosure Works

An acoustic enclosure in India is designed in such a way that it helps in sound-absorbing and sound-blocking techniques to control the transmission. Here’s a breakdown of how it typically functions:

Sound Absorption: The interior surfaces of an acoustic enclosure are designed to absorb sound waves. This is achieved by using materials with high sound absorption properties, such as foam, mineral wool, or specialized acoustic panels. When sound waves enter the enclosure, these materials convert the sound energy into heat through friction and internal reflection, effectively reducing the sound’s intensity.

Sound Blocking: The walls, floors, and ceilings of the enclosure are constructed to block the transmission of sound waves. Dense and heavy materials, such as mass-loaded vinyl, composite panels, or thick glass, are commonly used to create barriers that prevent sound from escaping or entering the enclosure. These materials reflect and reflect sound waves, preventing them from passing through the enclosure.

Sealing: To further enhance sound insulation, acoustic enclosures are carefully sealed to minimize the leakage of sound. All gaps, joints, and access points are sealed with acoustic caulking, gaskets, or weatherstripping to prevent sound leakage. This ensures that sound waves cannot escape through small openings or cracks in the enclosure.

Ventilation and Access Points: Acoustic enclosures need to maintain proper ventilation and provide access points for equipment or personnel. Special attention is given to the design of ventilation systems to ensure that they allow airflow while minimizing sound transmission. Acoustic louvers or attenuators can be incorporated into the ventilation openings to reduce noise without compromising the airflow.

By combining these techniques, an acoustic enclosure creates a controlled acoustic environment. The sound-absorbing materials reduce the intensity of sound waves within the enclosure, while the sound-blocking materials and proper sealing prevent sound from escaping or entering the enclosed space. This results in a quieter environment inside the enclosure and minimizes the impact of noise on the surrounding area.

STC Test Report

test report

Our acoustic enclosure comes with advanced amounts of technology and provides many benefits that will help you maintain success in a way that makes you feel comfortable while facing a variety of challenges in terms of noise.

We design / manufacture all types of enclosure attachments to help reduce noise and achieve the desired noise level to make your workplace comfortable. These well-designed devices help people in a great way while adjusting for unwanted noise in a confined space so that you can focus more on important tasks without any disturbances leading to better performance and timely delivery. You do not have to worry about the performance and durability of technically designed Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturers in India

Technical Features of Acoustic Enclosure​

  • We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of noise pollution.

  • 50 STC Value Acoustic panel tested as per IS-9901(Part III) – 1981, DIN 52210 part IV – 1984, ISO: 140 (Part III) – 1995.

  • The Acoustic panels come with the feature of a 16-gauge CRCA / GI perforated sheet.

  • Auto CAD facilities will include all kinds of piece marked assembly along with the drawings

  • Two coats of primer & automotive paint in desired shade

  • Electrical wiring, switchboard & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure

  • Air ventilation system for fresh air inlet and hot air exhaust.

  • Sound proof glass vision panel to see through

Check out our projects

Ecotone Systems design and provide Acoustic Enclosure that can be effectively used in multiple applications as mentioned below:

1. Air Compressor Acoustic Enclosure
2. Air Blower Acoustic Enclosure
3. CNC Machine Noise Enclosure
4. Cement Panel Blower and Grinding Machine Noise Enclosure
5. Acoustic Enclosure for Noise Generating Machine
6. Power Press and Fin Press Enclosure
7. Electrical Motor and Transformer Acoustic Enclosure
8. AC Fin Press Acoustic Enclosure
9. Punch Press Enclosure
10. Sound Proof Operator Cabin
11. Glass Crusher Acoustic Enclosure
12. Sheet Cutting Machine Acoustic Enclosure
13. Noise Testing Chamber/ NVH Test Chamber/ Quiet Room
14. Engine Test Cell/ Dyno Test Cell Acoustic Treatment
15. Wind Turbine Noise Control Enclosure
16. AC and Home Appliances Noise Testing Booth
17. Machine Noise Control Sound Barrier
18. Wire Winding Machine Acoustic Enclosure
19. Machine Enclosure along with Vertical Lift doors and “L” Type Doors

Various Types of Acoustic Enclosure made by Ecotone

Acoustic Enclosure for 2 MW Gas Generator Det
Acoustic Enclosure for Gas Turbine
Blower Acoustic Enclosures Manufacturers
Blower Acoustic Enclosure
acoustic enclosure
Air Compressor Acoustic Enclosure

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