ECOTONE™ provides a complete turnkey solution for Diesel Engine facilities with Acoustic Isolation enclosure, Noise control hinge / sliding Doors, Noise control Window, Silenced Air Ventilation System, Smoke Extraction and Exhaust System, Fuel tanks and piping, Automatic / manual Fuel filling and piping system, Lighting inside the Test Cell etc. is unrivalled in our capability to deliver.


1. Predictable and guaranteed noise reduction.

2. High performance, lab-tested acoustic wall and ceiling panels

3. Modular Type Acoustic Panels available.

4. Sound control doors/windows and silenced Air ventilation system.

5. Design of proper airflow to control heating inside the test cell during testing.

6. Indoor and outdoor ventilation systems.

7. Custom ventilation systems at standard pricing.

8. Sound rated air inlet and exhaust silencers.

9. Separate carburetor vent system for engine applications.

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