Ecotone-Chassis Dynomometer Test Room

ECOTONE™  design and provide chassis dynamometer test room for automotive car & Truck Dynamometers and full vehicle testing chamber, including acoustics, air ventilation, engine cooling, smoke extraction, building automation systems, CO / Co2 sensors Operator cabin to test engine performance, fuel economy and onboard diagnostics.

ECOTONE™ offers customized room sizes to provide the best match and use of space for a wide variety of dynamometer set-ups.  Rooms are sized to accommodate front, rear, and all-wheel drive vehicles.


  • Facilitates more accurate testing Produces a uniform test environment
  • Creates a safer environment for test technicians
  • Standard and custom layouts/design and solutions for large vehicles
  • Indoor or Outdoor testing for models
  • Easier to build than conventional construction / Dismountable type construction
  • Guaranteed noise reduction to create a safe / noise-free environment
  • Custom designs to meet the requirements of the facility
  • Single source responsibility for design, supply, and installation  Easy to assemble, relocate or reconfigure

Accessories and Options:-

  • Powerful ventilation system with  interior exhaust stack
  • Acoustic Doors, double/single-leaf entry doors up to 12’ wide
  • Sound Proof Viewing windows as per the desired size
  • Factory finished acoustic wall and roof panels for easy site installation.
  • Operator control room with 60 dB(A) ambient noise inside the room
  • Auxiliary Fans for Transmission and Tire Cooling