Noise test Booths Noise Test chamber


ECOTONE™ Provided Noise Test Booths / Chamber to check the performance of quality, noise, and vibrations (airborne and structural). The primary function of these booth / chambers is to control the ambient noise and increase the accuracy of intensity measurement by reducing sound reflections. It enables us to improve upon the product‘s design and implement the same in the product so as to minimize lead time and thereby reduce the cost of production. They may be performed at various stages to rectify potential defects; from prototype to final production.

Noise Test Booth / Chambers are widely used in Automotive Sector, Refrigeration, Air – Conditioner manufacturing units, Fan, Electrical Motor, Transformers, Compressor Manufacturing units, Speaker Testing, etc to check the specified noise level of equipment and to find out defects in products during production stage to avoid rejection.

We provide online and offline noise test booth. The online noise test booth can be installed at the production/conveyor line to check each and every produced equipment i.e. Viper Motor, Car HVAC, Air conditioning unit, Car Steering system. Offline noise test booth is for R&D purpose which can be installed inside the R&D lab.

ECOTONE™ Noise test booth/chamber shall be designed to check the specified noise level of a test specimen, the inside noise can be achieved up to 32-35 dB(A) at an ambient shop floor noise up to 80-85 dB(A). The inside noise level of the chamber depends upon the specified noise level of the product and noise level inside the booth should be less 10dB (A) from the specified noise level of the test specimen to take correct readings.

We provides :-

1. Complete design/drawing of noise test booth/chamber

2. Manual / Automatic system of product entry/exit, without any noise leakage, the automatic system to open/close entry/exit door can be synchronized with the test bench to achieve the test cycle.

3. Acoustic performance as technically desired

4. In-house expertise in acoustic design, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and every aspect of project management.

5. Testing facilities available.