Smoke Extraction and Air Ventilation For Industrial Application. Smoke, Heat, Exhaust Systems Manufacturer

ECOTONE™ provides industrial smoke extraction and air ventilation for industrial application  According to the building regulations a set of measures for the organization of the desired state of air and its turnover at shop floor and workplaces. Types of ventilation systems are divided into classes depending on the purpose, technological processes, and Govt. rules and regulations.

According to the methods smoke extraction and air ventilation divide in natural and mechanical ventilation

1. By Purpose: Ventilation and Air Extraction

2. The place of use: General Exchange and Local Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation:-

This type of ventilation is created by the use of fans / Blowers and machines supplying air. In mechanical ventilation systems equipment and devices are used to move air over long distances. These are fans, motors, heaters, ejectors, automation and other equipment, which can consume a lot of energy. They can provide the inflow and outflow of air in the right places and in the right amount regardless of any changes in the environment.

Smoke removal:-

The Smoke extraction and purification is a necessary requirement of Engine Testing, Welding Shop, Two-wheeler, and Automotive Plant. In this regard, taking into account that smoke is harmful to human health when planning a manufacturing plant / Automotive Test Cell, etc.

Smoke Filtration:-

Smoke cannot be release directly into the atmosphere OR at the shop floor, otherwise smoke can create major health problems at the workplace which can be avoided by providing the Smoke Filtration system. These smoke filtration systems are available for different cfm capacity which will filter smoke from the air and release fresh air which can be released at the workplace