Transformer Noise Control

ECOTONE™ Provides Noise control solutions for Transformer, Transformer generates a continuous vibration like noise near the transformers which is low frequency humming sound.

The Transformer generates noise due to of Magnetostriction Effect which occurs inside the transformer.

Now you would ask – what is the magnetostriction effect? well, the magnetostriction effect is one of the important properties of ferromagnetic materials. Due to this property, whenever a ferromagnetic material comes in contact with a varying magnetic field, it changes its dimensions. On one side, AC voltage is applied and on another side stepped up or stepped down voltage is received after every half cycle. Due to this variation in applied voltage, the Varying magnetic field is produced and these varying magnetic fields change dimensions of the ferromagnetic material used as the transformer component and it appears as vibrations. These vibrations are the source of the noise or humming sound in the transformers.

Absorptive noise barrier is the best suitable solution to control vibration humming sound which can we placed at all four side of transformer. These noise barriers are made out from fire retardant materiel, self standing and designed up to desired height.