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Sound Proof Enclosures protects working staff near noise generating machinery in an industrial plant, when noise limit exceeds OSHA limits for hearing safety. ECOTONE SYSTEMS provides fully customize the sound proof enclosures  for unique requirements that are an effective and efficient way to address these problems.

We engineered sound proof  enclosures which are ideal for  various types of machines used in industrial plant like sewing machine, hydraulic machine, cable machine, compressors, Generators, blowers, compressor, punch press and many others. Machine Sound proof enclosures can be used for  internal as well as external machines. Machine sound proof enclosures are used in many industries on a large scale. For the purpose of reduction of noise level and also for solving the problem of reverberation, which can be complicates to work with in the plant and  They also protect machines and generators from all weather conditions, dust, fire and humidity. They are water resistant and comes with powder coating in different colors as per required.

Sound Proof Enclosure Application

  1. Machinery Sound Enclosures
  2. Turbine Acoustic Enclosure
  3. DG Acoustic Enclosures
  4. Compressor Sound Proof Enclosure
  5. Sound Proof Control Rooms
  6. Power Press Acoustic Enclosures
  7. Blower Acoustic Enclosures
  8. Dynamometer Test Enclosures
  9. NVH Test Chambers
  10. Anechoic Chambers
  11. Noise Barriers

The design and construction of sound proof enclosures  are as per test conducted from CSIR-National Physical Laboratory and performance ratings of sound proof enclosures panels will be upto 50 STC (sound transmission coefficient) to indicate sound blocking/control capability through the roof, wall, and floor of the sound proof enclosure. The inner surface of the acoustic enclosure will be absorptive type and performance tested for sound absorption coefficient and Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) value within the acoustic enclosure.

Ecotone Systems Provide Acoustic Enclosures having noise transmission loss in full octave bands from 63 Hz to 8 kHz, STC Range for noise shield, STC – 40 to STC -60, All used material will be non-fire catching/fire rated.

All machine sound proof enclosures fitted with electrical wiring/lighting, Proper Air Ventilation System, Insulated ducts and acoustically treated louvers. Vision Panels to see through from outside the enclosure and finished in Epoxy/ Powder-Coating in desired color shades.


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