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Blower Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturers – Acoustic Hood for industrial blowers for noise attenuation.

Ecotone Systems is engaged in designing and manufacturing of  Sound Proof Enclosure for Blowers and acoustic hoods for various kinds of blowers and acoustic hoods and has expertise in this field. We develop high-quality Sound Proof Enclosure For Blowers, Acoustic Hood for Blowers with compact size and complete dismantle type and we design according to the particular place and client’s requirement. During the development aesthetics and accurate sound levels are taken into consideration. We also provide Acoustic Louvers and proper ventilation systems with silencers.

ECOTONE™    design and provide blower acoustic enclosure specifically for noise attenuation. Our soundproof enclosure for the blower is designed to control if noise needed for below 85 dBA (decibels), a community property line concern, or any other high level of sound reduction. Our blower acoustic enclosures have measured 50-60%  quieter during before and after equipment installations. This is achieved with our soundproof enclosure for the blower system. The Acoustic Hood for blowers system is modular type include an independent frame and removable panel system, silenced air intake, and exhaust fan. We design/manufacture acoustic enclosures for OEMs and for existing old blowers also. Our acoustic enclosure offers flexibility to remove panels with quarter-turn retainers for easy maintenance.