Acoustic Containers Manufacturer in India

Acoustic containers – Where ever there is a need to provide a self-contained working environment Ecotone Systems Pvt. Ltd. designs acoustic containers. We are an acoustic containers manufacturer in India, It is also known as container enclosure . to meet the individual requirement of customers.

What are Acoustic Containers?

Acoustic containers which we design have a steel checker plate on the floor with RSC cross members which is extending to the ground level and the base is supplied with lifting lugs/hooks which can help in transportation. Also, there are fixing holes down both sides and 2 skid plates are fitted to the checker plate and a sump pocket positioned where required

The sides of the acoustic container are smooth or rigged and lined with perforated pre-galvanized sheet panels. And inside there is a filling of the best quality, high-density non-hygroscopic mineral wool.

An access door is also included on each side which gives extra support and necessary strengthening to accept the heavy-duty doors. Each door that is used in an acoustic container made by ecotone has incorporated an acoustic seal. It also compresses closing to which is important for maintaining acoustic integrity.

The Air which enters and leaves the acoustic enclosure is through the louvers and attenuators which are there on the walls of the acoustic container. One radiator fan is also installed which helps in the discharge of air via attenuator and helps in preventing re-circulation and ensures a positive flow of air through the acoustic container.

The exhaust system is a double chamber design, providing for initial low restriction expansion, followed by adequate attenuation of the higher frequency exhaust noise, this is followed by an absorption silencer and tailpipe. If required the exhaust can be mounted inside and thermally insulated.

The acoustic container is given a coat of high build primer and finished with 2 topcoats from BS 4800, BS381C, or RAL range of colors.

The acoustic container which is supplied by Ecotone comes with ventilation fans and an inlet/exhaust attenuator which helps in getting the required noise levels. Acoustic Containers also have lights and gas detectors fitted inside. Pipe tubes and flanges are provided for the engine exhaust and cooling systems are welded into the acoustic container roof.

Container Enclosure performance:

The high-specification acoustic containers are designed by Ecotone to reduce noise from the engine to 65dBA at one meter.