Blast Resistant Doors | Blast Proof Door


The Blast resistant doors Doors/Blast proof door is designed in order to protect the nearby areas in case of fire / Blast in Compressor/transformer/Boiler/Explosion and for Military use. Doors are single/double-winged to stop the advance of blast waves into the protected area. Blast resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel.

Blast resistant doors are designed to support the overpressure caused by an explosion of equipment. Also, the Explosion resistance doors can be designed for a lifelong. Blast load resistance of up to 40 bar peak reflected overpressure and up to 180 minutes( 3 Hours) fire rating confirming to BS 476 part 20 and 22. The sizes of the door can be up to 4m x 6m (WxH) or as per requirement and the same can be either manually or automatically operated with the help of Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Electric mechanisms.

The door plate/frame assembly has an optimized pattern for the transfer of the blast forces into the surrounding wall. The blast doors are provided with suitable single/multiple gaskets for airtightness as per specifications.

Due to the unique nature of some projects, a pre-engineered model is not always the best selection. Often, a custom design is required. That is where we come in. Our engineering and sales staff can help custom design a product to meet your most demanding applications.

Blast Proof Doors/Blast Resistant Doors are designed to protect human life from any accidental explosion that may occur at petrochemical plants or industrial manufacturing facilities. They offer disaster prevention and protection for main facilities and effectively manage and control explosions resulting from experiments at military facilities or at laboratories where this risk exists. As the largest steel doors manufacturers in India, we are unsurpassed on both the quality and effectiveness of our blast proof doors.

The Ecotone system provides blast proof doors used in high-security areas such as strong rooms, battery rooms, and transformer rooms. Ecotone is the only company that provides contemporary blast doors.

Features of blast proof door:

• Perfectly polished
• optimum finish
• stability

Other Information:

• The Steel and cement core are mechanically bonded to each other. Ecotone systems have been used extensively for military development, in commercial, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical facilities, and in various rail and metro projects.


Personnel doors can be manufactured up to 4′-0″ x 8′-0″ singles; 8′-0″ x 8′-0″ pairs. However, there is really no limit. We have standardized a number of oversize units or can custom design to your exact specification. Small sizes for hatches and access panels are also available, as well as blow-out panels.


Metal products receive a coat of rust inhibition primer. Zinc-rich and other select primers are available. Finish painting may also be available. Contact us for more information.