Blast Proof doors

Ecotone Systems – leading Manufacturers of High density Blast Proof Doors, Explosion Resistance Steel Fire Door for High Pressure(PSI) Blast, Bomb Blast Resistant Doors, Bullet Proof Doors in India.


Ecotone Systems  Blast Resistance Fire Door In order to protect nearby area in case of fire / Blast in Compressor / transformer / Boiler / Explosion etc. doors are single/double wing doors to stop the advance of blast waves into the protected area.

Explosion resistance Fire door shall be designed to support the overpressure caused by explosion of equipment .Also the Explosion resistance doors can be designed for a long duration blast load resistance of upto 20 bar peak reflected over pressure. The sizes of the door can be as per requirement and the same can be either manually or automatically operated with the help of Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Electric mechanisms.

The door plate/frame assembly has an optimized pattern for transfer of the blast forces into surrounding wall. The blast doors are provided with suitable single/multiple gaskets for air tightness as per specifications.