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What is Turbine Acoustic Enclosure

A turbine acoustic enclosure, also known as a turbine soundproof enclosure or turbine noise control enclosure, is a specialized type of acoustic enclosure designed specifically for turbines. Turbines, such as gas turbines or steam turbines, are often large and powerful machines that can generate significant noise levels during operation. We are turbine acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India and it is used to mitigate the noise produced by turbines and create a quieter working environment.

The primary purpose of a turbine acoustic enclosure is to reduce the noise generated by the turbine and prevent it from propagating to the surrounding area. These enclosures employ various noise control techniques to achieve this goal:

  1. Sound Absorption: The interior surfaces of the enclosure are lined with sound-absorbing materials. These materials help absorb and dampen the sound waves generated by the turbine. Common sound-absorbing materials used in turbine enclosures include acoustic panels, foam, or mineral wool. The absorption of sound energy helps reduce the noise levels inside the enclosure.

  2. Sound Blocking: Turbine acoustic enclosures are constructed using sound-blocking materials to prevent sound from escaping. These materials, such as mass-loaded vinyl, composite panels, or heavy-duty steel, provide a barrier that reflects and blocks the transmission of sound waves. The enclosure is designed to ensure that the noise generated by the turbine remains contained within the enclosure, minimizing its impact on the surrounding area.

  3. Ventilation and Cooling: Turbines require proper ventilation and cooling to maintain optimal performance. Turbine acoustic enclosures incorporate specially designed ventilation systems that balance the need for airflow with the requirement for noise control. Acoustic louvers, attenuators, or silencers can be integrated into the ventilation openings to reduce noise while allowing adequate airflow for cooling.

  4. Structural Design: The structural design of the enclosure is crucial to ensure stability and minimize the transmission of vibration and mechanical noise. The enclosure is constructed to be rigid and resilient, capable of dampening and isolating vibrations produced by the turbine. This helps prevent the propagation of mechanical noise and vibration to the surrounding environment.

Turbine acoustic enclosures are typically custom-designed to suit the specific requirements of the turbine and its operating conditions. They are commonly used in power plants, industrial facilities, and other settings where turbines are employed. By effectively reducing turbine noise, these enclosures create a quieter and more comfortable working environment, minimize noise pollution, and comply with regulatory noise standards.

Why to choose us for your turbine noise related issues:

When it comes to addressing problems related to turbine noise, choosing Ecotone Systems for turbine acoustic enclosure offers several compelling reasons. Firstly, our expertise in the field of noise control and acoustic engineering sets us apart.  We have 25+ years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in designing and manufacturing acoustic enclosure for turbine tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide effective solutions that significantly reduce turbine noise and create a quieter working environment.

Secondly, our turbine acoustic enclosure is designed and built to the highest standards of quality and performance. We utilize advanced soundproofing materials and construction techniques to ensure optimal noise reduction. Our enclosures feature excellent sound absorption and sound blocking capabilities, effectively containing and minimizing the transmission of turbine noise. Additionally, our enclosures are structurally robust, engineered to withstand vibrations and mechanical noise, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Furthermore, our acoustic enclosure for turbine is customizable to suit various turbine sizes, types, and operating conditions. We understand that each turbine installation is unique, and we work closely with our customers to develop bespoke solutions that best meet their specific needs. Whether it’s a gas turbine, steam turbine, or any other type, we can design and deliver an enclosure that offers maximum noise control while allowing for proper ventilation and access to the turbine.

Lastly, our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. We prioritize understanding our customers’ requirements and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations. From initial consultation to final installation, our dedicated team provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, and outstanding service.

In conclusion, choosing our company for turbine acoustic enclosure means benefiting from our expertise, high-quality products, customization options, and excellent customer service. We are dedicated to providing effective noise control solutions that address turbine noise problems, ensuring a quieter and more productive working environment.

Design & Installation of Acoustic Enclosure for Turbine

Ecotone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Turbine Acoustic Enclosure in India. We Design & Installation Turbin acoustic enclosure and gas generator acoustic enclosures fitted with fire and gas protection system. The noise pollution board norms for Gas turbines are 85 dB (A) at one meter from the enclosure surface.

The soundproof acoustic enclosure does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution, we custom manufacture a soundproof turbine enclosure that will fulfill turbine maintenance needs.

ECOTONE Specialized in custom configure of the enclosure, in terms of cutout patterns, doors, louvers, dampers, baffles, mounting options, benches, shelves, sub-panels, rails and just about any special requirement client may have. ECOTONE custom-fabricated sound attenuating or acoustical turbine enclosures can also be made to conform to a wide variety as the client’s specifications require. The soundproof enclosure also can manufacture in mild carbon steel,Galvanized steel and  Stainless steel (304 and 316).

Fire Gas Protection System for Turbine Acoustic Enclosure​

We design and provide Fire and Gas Protection System for Gas Turbine and Gas Generator Acoustic Enclosure

The basic requirements for fire and gas protection can be fire & gas detection & protection systems. FGS system with fire /flame detectors, flammable gas detectors, sounders, visual indicators, inert gas fire extinguishing system, and controller. The F&G controller can be installed within the IP55 rated FGS panel. This system detects gas occurrence inside the acoustic enclosure and is capable of receiving/sending signals from/to the package PLC and central F&G control system in order to protect the unit against fire hazard.

The gas engine acoustic enclosure equipped with the following systems-

(i) IR3 type flame detectors.

(ii) IR Flammable gas detectors.

(iii) Inert gas fire extinguishing system.

(iv ) IR3 type fire detectors

(v) Shutdown and electrical isolation of the package

(vi) The shutdown of the ventilation system and closure of its fire dampers.

( vii) Initiation of fire suppression system / appropriate alarms (audible and visual) and communication of status/alarm signals hardwired to central fire and gas system

(viii) Inert gas fire extinguishing system

All detectors are suitable for installation in a Zone 2 classified area.

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