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Ecotone Systems offers a comprehensive range of solutions in the field of acoustics and noise control for various industries, particularly in the automotive and home appliances sectors. Our expertise in designing, fabricating, and installing Anechoic Chambers and NVH Test Chambers aligns with the stringent ISO 3744 and ISO 3745 specifications, ensuring the quality and accuracy of noise and vibration tests.

The variety of Anechoic Chambers we provide, such as Fully Anechoic Chambers, Semi Anechoic Chambers, Hemi Anechoic Chambers, and others, indicates a versatility in meeting different testing requirements. The inclusion of services like surveying, engineering, consultancy, project management, turnkey supply solutions, and site installations demonstrates a commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for our clients.

The incorporation of sound attenuation, lower cutoff frequency, and various types of chambers suggests a deep understanding of the diverse needs within the industry. Additionally, the attention to environmental factors like proper ventilation, temperature control, humidity control, and lighting, as well as safety measures such as gas detectors and building automation systems, showcases a holistic approach to chamber design.

This comprehensive offering positions Ecotone Systems as a reliable and all-encompassing partner for companies in need of noise and vibration testing solutions. Our company is focused not only on delivering quality products but also on providing a complete service package to meet the unique requirements of your clients.


Anechoic Chamber for Motorcycle Testing Company

Fully Anechoic Chamber for or HVAC Transfer Path Analysis


Client Name – Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)

Location – Kanpur, India


Ecotone Anechoic chambers are constructed with noise-attenuating outer structures of modular panels and have all interior surfaces lined with PU wedges Foam or Metallic Wedge or Plain absorbing surfaces. The fully Anechoic Chamber has working floors constructed with grating to support heavy test specimens above the floor wedges. This is basically designed to suppress internal sound reflections and is used for acoustical measurements. The effectiveness of an anechoic chamber is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed anechoic chamber provides performance up to 15 dB(A) and an 80 Hz cut-off frequency or performance can be designed as per the client’s requirement to match with desired performance.


Ecotone Systems designs anechoic chambers for applications that require precision-level acoustic measurements needed to optimize product design and performance of Automobile Components, Home Appliances, Loudspeakers, Microphones, Cell Phones, and Information Technology Equipment.


Features of Anechoic Chamber

1. Comprehensive Service with Turnkey Solutions

2. Feasibility Check with proper construction measurements and commissioning.

3. Better Acoustic Performance for each and every room with a guarantee.

4. Good expertise in acoustics with knowledge of civil, architectural, electrical, and instrumentation.

5. Proper usage of the anechoic wedge and foam wedges.

6. ISO-certified quality control with ISO 9001-2015.

7. Good Quality Materials with Reliable Technology.


Semi Anechoic Chamber

A room that creates free field conditions but above a reflective plane. Above a certain frequency, all sound waves that hit the walls or ceiling of the chamber will be absorbed. This type of chamber is normally used in Auto Parts Testing, Vehicle testing with a rolling round so that the vehicle may be driven. The semi-anechoic chamber then forms a controlled environment with the surrounding acoustic conditions behaving as a sterile version of the real world. In this way, accurate measurements of the sound inside and outside the vehicle can be made under operating conditions.

A semi-anechoic chamber is a type of chamber that combines the characteristics of an anechoic chamber and a reverberation room. The chamber has one or more walls that are lined with sound-absorbing materials to prevent sound reflections, while the other walls, ceiling, and floor are reflective, allowing sound waves to bounce around.

The purpose of a semi-anechoic chamber is to provide a controlled acoustic environment for testing and measurement of audio equipment, such as speakers and microphones, where a full anechoic chamber may not be necessary or practical.

The absorptive materials used in a semi-anechoic chamber are typically placed on the walls facing the equipment being tested, while the remaining surfaces are covered with reflective materials such as concrete, metal, or glass. This creates a partially isolated space with reduced reflections, allowing for more accurate measurements of sound pressure levels, frequency response, and other acoustic characteristics.

Semi-anechoic chambers are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries for testing vehicle and aircraft noise emissions. They are also used in the electronics industry for testing the acoustic properties of consumer electronic products.

Mini Anechoic Chamber

1. By aligning an automatic measuring system, you can save a time margin on measuring.

2. You can measure as much as you like by using the mini anechoic chamber at your location. That gives you a time margin in measuring clear standards and saves a developing cost after all.

3. This mini anechoic chamber provides you with a lot of value as much as a low cost, a short-termed construction, no more large space required, and convenience in measurements as just you are.

Portable Anechoic Chamber

A portable anechoic chamber is a type of chamber that is designed to be easily transportable and assembled in different locations. It is typically made up of a frame or structure that can be quickly assembled and disassembled, with panels or curtains made of sound-absorbing materials that can be attached to the frame to create the walls, ceiling, and floor of the chamber.

Portable anechoic chambers are often used in field testing of audio equipment and devices, where it may not be possible or practical to transport the equipment to a permanent anechoic chamber facility. They can be used to measure the acoustic properties of a variety of objects, including speakers, microphones, and electronic devices.

Portable anechoic chambers can be customized to meet specific testing requirements and can be made in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different objects being tested. They are also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, making them highly portable and adaptable for use in different environments and locations.

Anechoic Chamber Test Report

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