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Today one of the worst and headache causing noise pollution can be experienced at roads and highways where having a large traffic OR Construction Site’s can be very disturbing to the passerby’s. Road Noise Barriers OR Construction Site Noise Barrier are one of the effective ways that will combat the noise pollution in an easy manner with technological advancements. With the increase of residential complexes and societies a much larger amount of traffic sprawl on roads and people shifting to the urban locale also cause an add on the road noise pollution.

Temporary noise barriers also known as external noise blocker / sound absorber composite, are mainly used in construction sites, provide an economical method of soundproofing the construction site, sound barrier and noise in the help of a curtain Provides maximum noise reduction by incorporating absorption properties. Preventing the spread of noise in the neighborhood, avoids complaints from nearby residents and reduces the noise of the work area.

Soundproofing on your construction site allows workers and contractors to work for extended periods, high quality, and stability and will not cause performance degradation due to rain or sun changes. It is perfect for noise control of your construction site

Noise barrier panels have grommets that make it easy to hang portable acoustic panels on the MS pipe structure / fencing which makes  portable sound panels  to cover the construction site and easy to shift along with construction equipment.

Ecotone, being one of the leading Road Noise Barrier Walls Manufacturer and acoustic barriers for construction sites which are the temporary noise barriers help you to get the walls developed and prepared at one of the best affordable prices. The noise barriers are absorbent noise barrier OR reflective noise barrier with the one of a kind durable as well as effective mode which provides you with the complete noise reduction mode. With the help of our road noise barriers, you are able to get the lower sound problem in terms of toll road noise, highway noise, road noise, truck noise etc that will help you get the advanced amount of look. Through the help of Ecotone’s Highway Sound Barrier Walls, you are able to bounce back the sound waves in the form of concrete brick walls that are constructed in such a manner which will reflect away the sounds in the wave sensitive manner to provide the people travelling on the road in the easiest manner.

The materials that are used to construct the barrier walls are completely light in weight and are manufactured in a manner such that there will be no problems in the case of weight sensitivity and longevity that will help you to bounce back all the reflective motions and can cause a reduction in the noise pollution. It takes a lot of pressure to mitigate all your problems that will make to meet all the challenges that are caused due to noise pollution. However, with Ecotone you will not have to face the difficulty of any kind of challenges that will ensure you with the proper kind of High-quality performance arena such that no one face any difficulty in managing pollution of the traffic on the roads.

Our noise barriers are rust proof with the help of durable and rust resistant materials that offer you with the complete and simpler construction. All the products are noncorrosive with the moisture resistant property and provide you with the complete amount of satisfaction. We are considered to be the best manufacturer when it comes to the managing of the road barriers and offering you with the integrated kind of superior quality infrastructure that will make the building up in ecstasy and charming allure. With our Highway Sound Barrier Walls, and temporary construction noise barriers the roads and construction site are able to properly managed with the installation which is quite easy and perfectly prepared under the strict guidelines and regulations kept in mind while preparing the products. You will no longer have to face the trouble of noises that is caused by the traffic on roads through the great products manufactured through us.


1. Durable and Light in Weight

2. Absorptive

3. Modular Design

4. Moisture Resistant and Non-Corrosive in nature

5. Easy Installation with Easy to Assemble