Noise Barriers

At Ecotone, we manufacturer road Noise barrier, highway noise barrier, sound absorbing Noise barrier, noise fence panel of high quality made of polycarbonate, metallic as raw material with various configurations and options to meet specific customer noise level requirement. With our quality product offering, we have a good presence in India and global area like South Africa, Gulf Region and Asia.

Noise barriers Manufacturers, Road noise barriers, highway sound barriers walls/ Sound Barrier Walls / Acoustic barriers and Sound Fence Panels In order to combat the problem of noise we have some of the powerful sound barriers that will work towards reducing the sound that deflects the community from consuming or absorbing the sound waves. To avoid any amount of reflection or the absorption what is required is the fact that a sound barrier made up of good quality materials should be used so that there won’t be any amount of blockage. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality industrial noise barriers with a durable amount of sound barrier walls that will help you to prevent yourself from the amount of noises that will deflect you from within the parameters so that you are not able to hamper you’re working at any cost.

Each of our noise barriers is prepared from the comprehensive range of the solid sheets of polycarbonate as well as Acrylic Sheets. These sheets are made of raw material that comes with the glazing amount of performance and tailor made quality. Our range of services is expanded majorly with an emphasis and focus on the thickness as well as varied colours to opt for the maximum amount of output. Each of the barriers is prepared in close coordination with isolation in order to meet all the industry standards to check the rules and regulations of the group. The kinds of noise traffic that one face while working in an industrial area can be very hazardous to the health and therefore our barriers will fully help in integrating you to get the best of all the things.