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Anechoic chamber manufacturer in India. We provide NVH Test Chamber in India for 5g testing.

Ecotone Systems is a leading manufacturer of NVH test chambers / Anechoic Chambers for Noise and Vibration Control in India. We provide design consultancy and also take Trunkey projects of the Reverberation Chamber. These chambers are needed to test the characterization of the acoustical properties of materials. We are a leading anechoic chamber manufacturer in India and provide the best price in the Indian market. These chambers are useful to test the STL / NRC performance of acoustic material.

We provided an anechoic chamber to check the performance of quality, noise, and vibrations (airborne and structural). The primary function of these booths/chambers is to control the ambient noise and increase the accuracy of intensity measurement by reducing sound reflections.

Our PU Foam Anechoic Wedge – PU Foam Anechoic Wedges are made out of PU Foam, Grey color, 32 D FR low-density polyurethane foam. Tested from ARAI for Random Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient (RISAC) as per IS-8225/ ISO – 354 standards & also tested for flammability test as per UL 94-1998; clause 12, HF- 1Class

What is the Anechoic Chamber/ NVH Test Chamber

An anechoic chamber is a specialized room designed to absorb sound waves and prevent reflections from the walls, floor, and ceiling. The term “anechoic” means without echo, and these NVH test chambers are used to create an environment with minimal reverberation and ambient noise. Anechoic chambers are commonly used in acoustic testing, research, and product development.

The walls, floor, and ceiling of an anechoic chamber are covered with sound-absorbing materials, such as foam wedges or fiberglass, to reduce the amount of sound reflection. The materials used in the construction of an anechoic chamber are carefully selected to absorb sound across a broad range of frequencies, from low bass to high treble.

A typical anechoic chamber / NVH test chamber has a floor raised on vibration isolators to prevent sound from traveling through the building structure. The chamber is also often surrounded by a structure or enclosure to block external noise and vibration. Special care is taken in the design and construction of doors and windows to ensure that they do not create sound reflections or leakage.

Anechoic chambers are used for a wide range of applications, including testing the sound quality of audio equipment, measuring the acoustic properties of materials, and researching the effects of noise on human health.

Features of NVH Test Chamber

  • Easy to relocate: The portability feature of the NVH test chamber makes it easy to relocate.
  • Optimal isolation: Sound isolation can be achieved to a maximum degree in the NVH Test Chamber
  • Maximum strength: The durability of the test chamber comes from the material used for manufacture.
  • Soundproof: The Anechoic chamber is 100% sound proof inside with non-reflective surfaces.
  • Low Maintenance: The design and construction of the Anechoic Chamber is such that it does not require much maintenance.
  • Sturdy: The Anechoic chamber has a very sturdy construction which is weather resistant, impact and damage resistant, fire retardant and abuse resistant.

Areas of application of an Anechoic Chamber

The noise test booth is used in many areas such as the manufacturing industries to test horns, motors, air conditioners, speakers, etc. Noise test booths are also used in the automotive sector to check reverberation and engine noise.