Acoustic Wedge Foam Panels | Foam panels manufacturer i India

Acoustic Wedge Foam Panels/egg / Pyramid Shape - Manufacturers in India noise-dampening foam in residential and commercial spaces.

We “Ecotone Systems” leading supplier of soundproof acoustic wedge foam panels across India. Acoustic wedge foam panels are made with flexible, professional-grade acoustic polyurethane foam. The foam is consistent in density and firmness so acoustic performance will also be consistent. Acoustic wedge foam panels are with pyramid or wedge shapes. Acoustic wedge foam panels s made from open-cell polyurethane foam, and this can provide better aesthetics looks.

There are a variety of texture and colors of acoustic wedge foam panels available to incorporate interior design. Acoustic wedge foam panels to reduce noise pollution and noise leakage as they remove echoes and background sounds by absorbing it.
Acoustical foam is an easy-to-install, sound dampening insulation that absorbs multi-frequency noise, improves acoustics, and keeps sound from escaping area.

Acoustic wedge foam panels are a cost-effective alternative to our standard mineral wool panels. With enough coverage, acoustic wedge foam panels can do a great job controlling mid to high range frequencies.

Acoustic wedge foam panels prevents sound waves from reflecting off surfaces, like ceilings and walls. Acoustic wedge foam panels noise-dampening foam in residential and commercial spaces. Commercial installations are endless. Acoustic wedge foam panels are easy to change depending on your needs. Acoustic wedge foam panels provide affordable insulation and noise control suited to environments

We also have colorful acoustic wedge foam panels designed to add a unique look to your locations. Acoustic wedge foam panels are cut in tiles with different profiles such as square wedge and pyramid shapes depending on the application. Selection and Placement of acoustic wedges foam panels varies greatly with each situation. Take advantage of our affordable costs, user-friendly acoustic wedge foam panels.

Types of Acoustic wedge foam panels panels

A. Acoustic wedge foam panels.

These feature wedges sticking out of the base. The advantage is that there is only a single direction along which the sound will be absorbed and you will get the maximum absorption effect.

  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in area

  • Prevents destructive reflections

  • Maximum absorption

B. Pyramid Acoustic wedge foam panels.

Pyramid foam’s specific design offers slightly different performance than other cuts, with its greater surface area.

  • Aesthetically appealing for modern design

  • Reduces standing waves

  • Perfect for ceilings