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Ecotone leading wooden acoustic door manufacturer, acoustic fire rated door, soundproof doors. Sound Control Interior Door that having STC rating from 35 to 50 India

Description: – Acoustic doors are useful to control noise transfer from one room to another room/meeting room, Conference room, outside noise control, studio purpose, Cinema hall and at many other places.

The wooden acoustic door will be with door frame and shutter, Single / Double leaf also having STC – 35 to 50 STC


55mm to 72mm thick sandwich-type composite sound-reducing flush door shutters. The combined assembly set of the door frame and door shutters to be as per the following details:

(a)  Door frame shall be of teak/hard wood of size –   110 mm X 100 mm, including making necessary grooves in the frame for fixing of hollow bulb type EDPM gaskets on rebates to block noise leakage from a gap in between door frame and shutter.

(b) The frame of shutter shall be made from 40 mm thick teak/hardwood stiles and top & bottom rails of size 94 mm and a core made of lock rail 100 mm wide and 40 mm thick and three additional strips 50 mm wide and 25 mm thick (minimum)

(c) The core of the door shutter shall be filled with acoustic insulation material, sound-absorbing, and damping material.

(d) Face panels shall be of 12 mm thick Marine ply boards of approved make conforming to relevant IS codes / International Standards on both sides of the core of the shutter with required primer at the unexposed surface. One side of the plyboard shall be fixed to the core of the shutter along with a 5 mm thick Neoprene rubber sheet on its inner face.

(e) 01 mm mica OR 04 mm thick Teak Veneer of approved make shall be bonded with 12 mm thick marine plyboard on both faces of the shutter  by using high strength cross linked PVAC based adhesive.

(f) Dropdown Seal: – Excellent quality range of Internal Automatic Dropdown Seal, which is manufactured from high-grade quality raw materials. These Internal Automatic Dropdown Seal can be customized as per our precious customer’s specifications. These Internal Automatic Dropdown Seals are widely known for its durability and quality.  Internal Automatic Dropdown Seal can be availed at an industrial leading price. Resists sound up to 37db, air, insects, cold smoke, light. Designed for timber (wooden) doors.

(g) Hardware- The door assembly shall be fixed to the door frame with heavy-duty stainless steel hardware i.e. Door Lock, SS Bal bearing  Hinges, SS door handle  ‘D’ type  back to back, SS Tower bolt.

Wooden Acoustic Doors
Wooden Acoustic Doors