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Power Press Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturers -stamping press / power press noise enclosures

ECOTONE™ offers a proven solution for stamping press / power press noise enclosures. Stamping press area causing entire plant to be on mandatory hearing protection. Single or multiple stamping presses running simultaneously bring sound levels to dangerous levels.

ECOTONE™   sound enclosure will provide excellent noise reduction and accessibility for product and process and maintenance. A  Noise enclosure constructed with removable type acoustical insulated panels, doors, windows and air ventilation, all enclosures are custom designed and fabricated to meet noise control requirements without effecting workflow.

  • Sound reduction of 25 – 40+ dBA
  • Easy access to the equipment
  • Acoustically treated air flow system available
  • Dismountable type Enclosure easily installed and moved with equipment
  • Fabricated with Fire Proof material

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