Noise Test Booth for R&D Lab

Noise Test Booth for R&D Lab

Ecotone – Manufacturer of Vehicle Noise Testing, Automotive Noise Testing, Equipment NVH Testing and other NVH Testing Technologies in Quiet Room/ Facilities and Acoustic Testing Chamber for Noise and Vibrations Testing.

ECOTONE™ manufacturers Noise Test Booth / Chamber for R&D labs which are used to design / develop various products. The primary function of these booths / chambers is to provide ambient zone to check noise and vibration accuracy. It enables us to improve upon the product‘s design and results in the development of the product to the highest level of accuracy.

 The ECOTONE™ Noise Test Booth / Chambers are very useful in Automotive, Refrigeration, Air – Conditioner manufacturing units, Fan, Electrical Motor, Transformers, Compressor Manufacturing units, Speaker Testing etc. The Noise test booth / chamber can be designed to achieve an ambience up to 15 dB(A) inside the chamber to check specified noise level of under development test specimen.

ECOTONE™ Provides

  • Complete design of noise test booth / chamber to meet with client specification.
  • Fabrication and supply
  • Site Installation and Commissioning at site
  • Performance quality test according to client’s specification.