Industrial Acoustic Doors, Fire Doors, Emergency Exit Doors, Soundproof Doors, Sliding doors

Ecotone Systems manufactures a wide range of both Industrial Metal Doors and Acoustic Doors in our Manufacturing unit and facility. All doors are manufactured to suit the requirements of each individual project and can be built to any specification, design requirement or to suit any specific task. Configurations include double leaf doors and multiple leaf machinery doors, Sliding doors, single and equipment doors.Both the Acoustic and Industrial Metal doors can be manufactured from a variety of materials including timber, stainless steel and aluminum. The doors are available in different finishes including bare metal, prime painted and powder coated.

Ecotone Systems doors are manufactured from suitable steel sections to suit the size of the door opening. The door surfaces may be profiled or flat metal sheets, however for acoustic applications profiled sheets tend to lower the unit performance due to restrictions on suitable, readily available sheet thicknesses.The sliding doors can move either horizontally or vertically to open however vertically opening doors tend to be fitted with counterbalances to reduce the loads required to operate the doors. As required each door is fitted with either, silicon or nitrile rubber seals. Doors can be either hung from a top frame or supported off a floor guide track. The doors can also be provided with either manual or electrical operation.

Our range of style doors is suited to many applications where a cost effective solution is required. The doors are fitted with a full perimeter seal which allows a positive seal between the door leaf and frame. This positive seal is most effective where the doors provide access into acoustically rated.All doors are available with a wide variety of door hardware. Additional options include single and double glazed viewing panels, removable leaves and small doors within large doors. Ecotone Systems Acoustic Doors are laboratory tested

ECOTONE™ Acoustic doors are laboratory tested as per IS: 9901 (part-III)-1981, DIN 52210 Part IV-9184, ISO: 140 (Part-III)-1995

Typical Industrial Metal & Acoustic Door Applications

  • Machine rooms

  • DG room acoustic doors

  • Plant and Equipment storage facilities

  • Control rooms

  • Turbine pit access doors

  • Manufacturing units

  • Flood Water Control access doors

  • Complete size & door leaf opening style flexibility

  • Heavy duty hardware

  • Guaranteed performance – Laboratory tested

  • Sliding and Hinge type doors

  • Acoustic door jamb designs allow build in or retrofit installation options