Noise Control Products for Construction Site- Ecotone

ECOTONE™ provides Noise control solutions for Construction sites that are easy to shift and erect at other location. The STC rating of noise control is up to 50 STC to protect nearby area from construction equipment noise.

ECOTONE™ Mobile Noise Barrier

Mobile and transportable Absorptive Noise Barrier Walls are an effective mitigation tool for reducing unwanted noise from construction equipment.

These Noise barriers are absorptive noise walls, Absorptive sound walls actually absorb the sound waves that hit them, thus providing noise elimination. Reflective sound walls, (like concrete, block or metal), merely reflect the sound waves in a different direction, and can actually create new and unexpected noise problems as a result.

The Ecotone Mobile Noise Barrier can be positioned to isolate any noise source and left there as long as necessary. Once the need at that location is over, the walls can be relocated to a different site. This mobility can provide years of cost-effective noise abatement service.

The Ecotone Mobile Sound Barrier Wall is simply the most effective portable noise abatement solution available – outperforming, outlasting and out manoeuvring all other temporary noise barrier walls in its class.

If you are facing problems caused by unwanted noise generated by temporary or changing sources, Ecotone Systems can immediately provide an effective abatement solution for you with its innovative Mobile Noise Barrier System.

Distinguishing Features of the Ecotone Mobile Noise Barrier Panels Include:

1. Lightweight

2.Easy to assemble and disassemble

3.Modular Design

4.Fully Absorptive

5.Choose any color

6.Water/Moisture resistant


8.Will not rust, rot, or stain

9.Strong and durable

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