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Anechoic Wedges Foam Manufacturer- Acoustic PU Foam, Wedge Foam, Pyramid Foam, and Acoustic Insulation Foam, Pyramid Foam Panel and Polyurethane Foam Sound Absorber in India.

ECOTONE™ PU Foam Anechoic Wedge – PU Foam Anechoic Wedges are made out of from PU Foam, Grey color, 32 D FR low density polyurethane foam. Tested from ARAI for Random Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient (RISAC) as per IS-8225/ ISO – 354 standards & also tested for flammability test as per UL 94-1998; clause 12, HF- 1Class.

Properties of PU Foam

S.No.ParameterSpecified ValueTest MethodObserved Values
1Density (kg/m3)30 + 1IS-788831
2Tensile Strength (kg/cm2)>= .80IS-78881.07
3Elongation (%)>= 120IS-7888130
4Hardness value (IFD) Kg/323 Cm2
@ 50% Compression
30 To 40IS-788837.03
5% Resilience>=30IS-788834
6F.R. Properties  UL 94

ECOTONE (MW-1) Metallic Anechoic Wedges: –

Ecotone Metallic Anechoic wedges  are made form powder coated perforated metallic sheet and filed with fiber glass. these wedges are ideal for large size anechoic chambers which require low frequency to be absorb for testing of cars or engines according to ISO 3745,3744.

Ecotone MW-1 Metallic wedges are rugged in construction and having ling life span offer advantage to test facilities working with heavy equipment and flammable materials.

The properties of Ecotone MW-1 Metallic wedges are:

  1. Long life span up to 25 years.
  2.  Made out from non fire catching material(Fire resistant).
  3. Impact resistant.
  4. Easy to clean to ensure always new appearance.
  5. Multi- color options are available to match with corporate color schemes.
  6. These provide safe environment for working personnel.