anechoic chamber manufacturer india

Ecotone is leading manufacturer of Anechoic Chambers, Noise Test Chambers, Sound Test Chamber, Acoustic Test Chambers NVH Testing Chamber and Quite Room Supplier is widely used in Auto Manufacturing Industries to test Sound of their manufactured parts.

Anechoic Chamber

ECOTONE™ chambers are constructed with noise attenuating outer structures of modular panels and have all interior surfaces lined with PU wedges Foam or Metallic Wedge or Plain absorbing surfaces. Fully Acoustic Test Chambers has working floors constructed with grating to support heavy test specimens above the floor wedges. This is basically designed to suppress the internal sound reflections and used for acoustical measurements. The effectiveness of an NVH Testing Chamber is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed Sound Test Chamber provides performance up to 15 dB (A) and 80 Hz cut off frequency or performance can be design as per client’s requirement to match with desired performance.

Industry Application

Ecotone Systems design Noise Test Chambers for the applications that require precision-level acoustic measurements need to optimize product design and performance of Automobile Components, Home Appliances , Loudspeakers, Microphones , Cell Phones , Information Technology Equipment.

Features of Anechoic Chamber

  • Comprehensive Service with Turnkey Solutions
  • Feasibility Check with proper construction
    measurements and commissioning.
  • Better Acoustic Performance for each and every room
    with guarantee.
  • Good expertise in acoustic with the knowledge of
    civil, architectural, electrical and instrumentation.
  • Proper usage of the anechoic wedge and foam wedges.
  • ISO certified quality control with ISO 9001-2015.
  • Good Quality Materials with Reliable Technology.