Acoustic Door

ECOTONE is a world leader in the manufacturing and installation of high performance wooden and steel acoustic doors. With an acoustics range from Rw 35 dB to Rw 55 dB tested for airborne sound as per IS-9901(Part III) – 1981, DIN 52210 part IV – 1984, ISO: 140 ( Part III) – 1995. Single leaf and double-leaf acoustic door.

ECOTONE™ also provides an Acoustic fire door having 35 to 55 STC rating and 01 Hour / 02 Hour fire rating conforming to BS: 476 part 22/IS-3614 Part 2 steel and wooden acoustic fire door.

The Hardware of the door is SS ball bearing hinge, SS back to back handle, SS Door lock, Door Closure, panic exit device, SS tower bolt, Dropdown seal, Fire-rated glass vision panel, etc as per project requirement.

We are also committed to ensuring we deliver safety and aesthetic excellence. Our doors ensure high safety standards are adhered to and our natural concern for interior design aesthetics means we offer a wide range of finishes. For a wooden door, it may be Mica, Teak Veneer, Paint and Steel doors it maybe powder coating, PU paint, etc.


  • Architectural
  • Airport Services
  • Broadcasting
  • Building Services
  • Lift lobby
  • Staircase
  • Electrical room
  • Entertainment and Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
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