Room Acoustic

Room Acoustic

Ecotone provide services for Engine Dyno Test Room Acoustic for Automotive, Acoustics Testing facilities & Engine noise Test cell facilities / Dynamometer test room for Industrial noise control. Room Acoustic Treatment for DG Rooms / Compressor Room / Engine Test Cell.

Ecotone is one of the leading and faster growing room acoustic treatment service providers that ensure you with the complete amount of integrated platform that will combat the problem of noise pollution and ensure you with the best in class treatment.Through the help of our Room Acoustic Treatments,the noise is controlled in a manner such that the acoustic lining on the walls as well as the ceiling over the walls are fully laminated with the perforated sheet and have the good aesthetic look that will ensure the pre-coated clip in mode. We work towards the conversion of the ordinary doors as well as shutters into a more profound sound proof doors.

The experts at Ecotone keep in mind the fact of designing the acoustic products in such a manner that after the installation of the products there will be a great inflow of the air ventilation so that the engine of the product is not overheated. Through our technologically driven and advanced products, one can easily ensure with the suppression of the noise wherever it is required. Absorption is one of the major problem that are related to the room acoustic as well as the diffusion of the waves. Keeping this in mind the products related to acoustics are prepared in a manner to work out on these two parameters and help in providing you with the complete satisfaction.What happens if one is not using any kind of acoustic treatment services is the fact that the noise will make it clumsy in a manner that will make the treatment quite well.

ECOTONE™ offer Acoustic Treatment for DG Rooms / Compressor Room / Engine Test Cell. The Noise is control by providing Acoustic lining on walls & ceiling, acoustical material will be 48/64kg/m3 rockwool, tissue fiber laminated and finally covered with GI / Al. perforated sheet OR Clip-in tile pre coated perforated tiles give very good aesthetic look. The proper Air ventilation system is designed to allow the maximum air changes so the engine does not overheat. Axial flow fan of required size & number provided for proper Air ventilation. Acoustic louvers, splitter & Insulated ducts are provided to suppress the noise where required.

Features and Specifications of Room Acoustic Treatment

  • Tissue Fibre Laminated with Wool and Acoustic Durability
  • Clip in Tile Pre-Coated Look
  • Compatible for Compressor Tile/DC/Engine Test Cell
  • Air Ventilation with complete functionality
  • Non- Corrosive
  • Rust Resistant