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What are Acoustic Enclosures? The Typical Applications of Acoustic Enclosures

With the increasing use of heavy equipments like Diesel Generators, turbines, transformers, gas compression sets and others, there is a huge rise in noise levels with them. Most of these equipments operate at very high noise levels that are not just annoying for ears but they can also damage our nerves. How to deal with such huge noise levels and how to ensure safety of people working around these and in the vicinity?

Acoustic Enclosures – The Best Solutions
DG set Acoustic Enclosures are the best and specially designed solutions to control noise by muffling the high noise from DG sets and other large equipments. Before we get to know how Acoustic enclosures work, let’s get a better understanding of noise, noise measurement, different levels of noise, and other details to make informed decision before buying the acoustic enclosure and other noise control systems