Acoustic Hanging Baffles

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ECOTONE™ Noise Absorbing Hanging Acoustical Baffles are very effective way to control sound echo to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from ceiling at shop floor environment to improve overall acoustics. Ecotone provides a range of Acoustic Hanging Baffles having high NRC values (1.0 NRC) , suitable for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional applications. Installation of hanging baffles is very easy having Steel wire / Rod. Baffles can be installed in various patterns, Vertically suspended OR Horizontally to cover more area , Size of baffles will be 500mmx 1000mm / 600mm x 1200mm , thickness will be 30mm to 50 mm as per desired NRC value. All material used shall be non fire catching material meets IS / ASTM Class fire rating.

Leading Ecotone is a leading Acoustic hanging baffles Manufacturer – Hanging Sound Baffles, Acoustic Sound Baffles, Sound Baffle Panels, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels in India. Ecotone Systems Manufacturer of acoustic hanging baffles With the advent of technology,a lot of new innovative techniques have come up to control the sound and noise that can create havoc in the mind of the people. At commercial spaces like Canteens, Sports stadium, Industrial spots, Malls. Auditoriums etc where it is required to get the control of the sound and a modulation is required to avoid any kind of noise transmission.