Acoustic Enclosures for DG Set and Soundproof Generator Noise canopy Manufacturer

DG Set Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer- DG Set Sound Proof Enclosures and Soundproof Noise Enclosures/ Canopy for noise reduction to 50 dB (A) and 45 dB (A) for a 1000 KvA

Ecotone Systems Manufacturer of Soundproof Generator Noise Canopy and Acoustic Enclosure for DG Set, and Acoustic Enclosure, DG Acoustic Enclosure to a Big ply board manufacturing co in Punjab has put up a world class plant. The plant is well equipped with all the modern machinery from which some machine Generated High Noise which increases overall ambient noise level in nearby areas , but as per CPCB norms for Noise Pollution Control the noise level should not more than 50 dB (A) at boundary wall.

The project of the entire Plant noise control has been executed by Ecotone Systems Pvt Ltd. After a thorough survey , Ecotone Systems has designed various types of Acoustic enclosures, noise control equipment , room acoustics , dg acoustic enclosure, for machines like wood chippers, fuel chippers, DG sets etc. The noise control enclosures designed are capable of controlling noise levels generated from the various machines, which are as high as 110 dB(A).

The acoustic canopy designed and installed by Ecotone Systems have helped the plant to control noise, inside the plant and also in the nearby area, where the sound levels are to be maintained to 50 dB (A) in day time and 45 dB (A) in night time to fulfill CPCB norms. The Acoustic enclosure has controlled low as well as high frequencies, humming sounds etc effectively and has delivered results.

Besides the noise control of the machines, Ecotone Systems has also designed Enclosure for a 1000 KvA DG set and has delivered a noise reduction of 25 dB (A) at one meter from enclosure wall.After set up of all noise control equipment, acoustic enclosure, room acoustic treatment, acoustic louvers, sound attenuators, noise control enclosure, etc. the ply wood plant running without any noise pollution.